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What makes me different...

My business offers a mobile service. I bring the shop to your door. Other locksmiths will make multiple visits, each time charging you. I won’t, and aim to complete every job in one visit. If I can’t and specialised parts are needed I will not charge extra for another visit.

I won’t just drill your lock to sell you another, and aim to open all locks non destructively where possible. Most lockouts can be completed without damage, whereas others will deliberately drill your lock to ramp up the charges. 

I aim to respond as quickly as possible, often within the hour as I know how inconvenient it is to be locked out. On arrival I will assess the situation and offer a prompt cost effective solution.

Burglaries can be devastating. That’s why you should call me. I take your security seriously and can rekey/replace locks to prevent further loss.

I can take card payments securely at your door using chip and pin for your convenience.

With many years experience opening and fitting all kinds of locks you can rest assured that your property is secured. At all times I will advise you on the best solutions for your needs.

I am fully experienced in all aspects of locksmithing and carry a huge amount of spares.

Fergus Bailey 

Why you should be careful when choosing your locksmith…

It is important to do your research when choosing a locksmith. If you do a Google search then more than likely the top entries will be national companies, all offering very low rates and impossible response times. These are what's more commonly known as ‘bait & switch’ tactics. They sometimes have local phone numbers, giving the impression they are local firms. Sometimes a simple click on the advert will take you to their website that also claims they're local. Other times a little digging will find that they advertise a local location, but a London number!

National Locksmith
National Locksmith
National Locksmith

Lie #1. Many will claim to be ‘Police Approved’. There are NO Police approved schemes for general locksmithing. There is also no such thing as licensed or bonded. These terms are littered throughout these sites to give the impression that they know what they’re doing and to reassure you.

Lie #2. All will advertise low low prices such as ‘from £39’ or £49. The key word, and often forms part of their ‘patter’ when you call them. In all the years I have been doing this I have NEVER met anyone who has paid this price for a lockout. I have however met countless who have been ripped off for £100’s!! They may mention briefly that parts cost extra but will reassure you they will try to obtain entry non destructively. I can assure you they won’t. They will tell you your lock cannot be picked because it is very high security. This is where the scam starts. With hugely inflated prices for every single thing they do & hidden call-out charges your bill could run into hundreds! 

See below for examples of invoices...

Locksmith Invoice
Locksmith Invoice

This one for £750 to open a front door! Afterwards the lock needed changing & the mechanism repairing because of the damage this guy did!!!

This shows a charge of over £1,000 for one standard mortice lock, resulting in a total of over £3,000!!!

I’ve dealt with the mess these types of companies leave behind on numerous occasions. Cheap parts, parts that were unnecessary to change in the first place, that have failed within days of them being fitted. I have even come across very expensive parts being removed from customers doors and taken, only to be replaced with much cheaper clone parts…effectively stealing them.

Lie #3. They state they will be with you in 10-20 mins. They will actually keep calling you with various stories from punctures to traffic to keep you hanging on. In actual fact they are travelling from miles away, often London. Now, do you still think they will travel that distance, often further and spend 2-3 hours on the road for £49?

I hope by reading this you’ll be more aware, and understand a little more about how they operate. To be at the top of Google like this 24/7 costs a lot of money. There are many more tricks they will try on you to ‘squeeze the lemon’ a bit more….far too much to go into here…


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